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“Growing up in Michigan as a child, with snow at least a foot deep covering the ground and festive lights hung on every home in our neighborhood, Christmas was always a magical time for me. Hours of sledding in the deep snow were followed by steaming cups of hot chocolate. The warmth of the fire in our stone fireplace quickly removed the chill I felt. I often took long hikes in the snowy woods behind our home. Here the stillness of the snowy landscape proved to be a perfect environment for my overactive imagination. I would often wonder what it would be like to discover an object, a magical object in the middle of the woods...hmm, what if?

This book was inspired by those many years of magical white Christmases. I hope you enjoy this, my first children’s book, The Magic Snowflake.”

"Scott Foster has composed a lyrical work of beauty - both of the word and the drawing - yet he reaches far beyond beauty. Embracing that high ideal of the children's book as a work that improves the reader for life."

Michael Cogdill - 25 emmy winning television journalist. Author of "Cracker The Crab And The Sideways Afternoon" and "She-Rain"

"The Magic Snowflake is a beautifully illustrated book that is in such a way that it floods the reader with childhood memories of winter's Christmas."

Brooke - 4th Grade Teacher

"I think wishes can come true if you believe in magic just like Bradley Does. I think he really can be the next Santa Claus."

Kylie - Age 7

"I love when Bradley ate a North Pole flake and it tasted sweet. I think we have North Pole flakes at our house and I'm going to taste them all the time!"

Ellie - Age 5

"If you or your kids have ever questioned how Santa can accomplish so much in one night, or been confused about seeing so many Santas during the holiday season, or wondered what North Pole hot chocolate tastes like…you just have to read these books!"

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News & PR

Illustrator-Author Scott Foster presents a sneak peek into "The Magic of Santa's Elves."

In the third book of The Magic Series, Bradley explores the wonder of The North Pole and shares details about Santa's Elves and other magical mysteries previously known only to Santa and his helpers. Creator, Scott Foster is sharing snippets of the next book at this season’s book readings and signing events. The much-anticipated release of book three will be announced after Bradley's journals and sketches have been carefully assembled and re-told through Foster’s magical writing and illustrations.

Foster's imaginative explanations of Christmas magic and captivating illustrations transport us to a world where snow tastes like sugar cookies, snowpeople talk, a sled really flies, and the North Pole is home to Santa and many other special helpers.

We are first introduced to Bradley in book one: The Magic Snowflake. Young Bradley and his dog, Finnegan, discover one Christmas Eve that wishing on North Pole snowflakes can make dreams come true. After finding a mysterious sled perched in a tree, Bradley learns from Santa himself that a new Santa is named every 100 years, and per his wish, he is the next candidate.

In book two, The Magic Sled, it's Christmas morning and Bradley’s parents are introduced to the enchanted sled with a note from Santa explaining that Bradley is to become the next Santa. From magic corn to an orchard of snopples, we are invited to a snowy wonderland of Christmas magic.

If you've ever questioned how Santa can accomplish so much in one night, or been confused about seeing so many Santas during the holiday season, or wondered what North Pole hot chocolate tastes just have to read the books! You'll feel your heart smile as love and joy are woven throughout each page. (reader review)

A Collector's Edition of "The Magic Sled" signed by author/illustrator Scott Foster is a treasure for your Holiday season. Children of all ages – big kids too – love the captivating story of "The Magic Snowflake" and "The Magic Sled." Be sure to get your copies of the first two books before book 3 is released. Ask for them by name at your local book store or go online to You can also contact to schedule a book reading and/or signing event at your local store, school or library.